Communications Systems

Rapid Prototyping for Hardware Targets

MATLAB, Simulink, and related products enable rapid prototyping of communications systems through use of C and HDL code generation technology, enabling you to run your system as a cosimulation with embedded processors or FPGAs.

Generate C and HDL Code for Early Verification

Estimate code footprint, FPGA power consumption, and design complexity of generated code early in your design process using products for embedded code generation and HDL code generation and verification. MathWorks products provide an integrated workflow in which you can use your original models and algorithms as a golden reference to verify code correctness and execution.

Cosimulate with Embedded Software and FPGA Development Tools

Cosimulate your generated code with third-party simulators and embedded software development environments. Using IDE link and EDA link products to connect MATLAB and Simulink to third-party products, you can cosimulate:

  • C source code using Analog Devices VisualDSP++®, TI’s Code Composer Studio, Altium TASKING®, and Green Hills® MULTI® environments
  • HDL code using Cadence Incisive®, Mentor Graphics® ModelSim®, or Synopsys® Discovery simulators
Lockheed Martin Space Systems

Lockheed Martin Space Systems

"Our system required precise timing. Troubleshooting our system without HDL Verifier would have taken 10 times longer. Being able to compare the implemented VHDL against the golden reference in Simulink is a real advantage."

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