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Count ARMAX/GARCH model parameters

garchcount has been removed. Enter sum(any(EstParamCov)) in the Command Window instead, where EstParamCov is an estimated parameter covariance matrix of a fitted arima, egarch, garch, or gjr model.


NumParams = garchcount(Coeff)


NumParams = garchcount(Coeff) counts and returns the number of estimated coefficients from a specification structure, as returned by garchfit, containing coefficient estimates and equality constraint information. garchcount is a helper utility designed to support the model selection function aicbic.

Input Arguments


Specification structure containing coefficient estimates and equality constraints. Coeff is an output of the estimation function garchfit.

Output Arguments


Number of estimated parameters, that is, coefficients, included in the conditional mean and variance specifications, less any parameters held constant, as equality constraints, during the estimation. The aicbic function needs NumParams to calculate the Akaike (AIC) and Bayesian (BIC) statistics.

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