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Undo the Checkout (UNIX Platforms)

Impact of Undoing a File Checkout

When you undo the checkout for a file, the file remains checked in, and does not have any of the changes you made since you checked it out. To save any changes you have made since checking out a file, click Save on the Editor tab, select Save As, and supply a different file name before you undo the checkout. Undo the checkout using the Current Folder browser.

Undoing the Checkout for One or More Files Using the Current Folder Browser

  1. In the MATLAB® Current Folder browser, select the file or files for which you want to undo the checkout.

  2. Right-click, and from the context menu, select Source Control > Undo Checkout. MATLAB undoes the checkout.

An error appears in the Command Window if the file is not checked out.

Function Alternative

The undocheckout function takes this form:

undocheckout({'file1','file2', ...})

Use the complete path for filen and include the file extension. For example, to undo the checkout for the files clock.m and calendar.m, type

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