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SimElectronics Examples

Electrical Actuation Systems

Controlled DC MotorModel
Microcontroller with GPIO, ADC and DAC ConnectionsModel
Rotational Actuator Torque-Speed CharacteristicsModel
Linear Electric Actuator (Motor Model)Model
Linear Electric Actuator (System-Level Model)Model
Linear Electric Actuator (Implementation Model)Model
Brushless DC MotorModel
FEM-Parameterized Switched Reluctance MotorModel
Controlled Stepper MotorModel
Controlled Unipolar Stepper MotorModel
Hybrid Linear ActuatorModel
Finite Element Parameterized SolenoidModel
Torque MotorModel
Automotive AlternatorModel

Sensor Circuits

Modeling a Digipot from a DatasheetModel
Circuit Level Switched Capacitor ADCModel
Sigma Delta ADC with NoiseModel
Strain Gauge and Wheatstone BridgeModel
Thermistor-Controlled FanModel

Signals and Amplifiers

JFET Amplifier and Frequency Response AnalysisModel
Op-Amp with NoiseModel
Switching Audio Power AmplifierModel
Bridge Configuration Switching Audio Power AmplifierModel
Differential Pair AmplifierModel
Low-Noise Bipolar Transistor Voltage AmplifierModel
Low-Pass Filter Using Operational Transconductance AmplifiersModel
Controllable Phase ShifterModel
Fourth-Order Sallen-Key Lowpass FilterModel

Device Characteristics

Solar Cell Power CurveModel
IGBT CharacteristicsModel
IGBT Thermal CharacteristicsModel
IGBT Dynamic CharacteristicsModel
Tabulate IGBT Switching LossesModel
MOSFET CharacteristicsModel
Nonlinear Inductor CharacteristicsScript
Nonlinear Transformer CharacteristicsScript
NPN Bipolar Transistor CharacteristicsModel
PNP Bipolar Transistor CharacteristicsModel
Schottky Barrier Diode CharacteristicsModel
Thyristor Static Behavior ValidationModel
Thyristor Dynamic Behavior ValidationModel

Generic Circuits

Triangle Wave GeneratorModel
Astable OscillatorModel
LC Transistor OscillatorModel
Voltage-Controlled Oscillator with PI ControlModel
Modeling an Integrated CircuitModel
IC Multiplier CircuitsModel
Small-Signal Frequency-Domain AnalysisScript
Solar Cell Parameter Extraction From DataScript
Master-Slave J-K Flip-FlopModel

Voltage Regulation and Converters

Low-Cost Voltage RegulatorModel
Voltage RegulatorModel
Photovoltaic Generator PerformanceModel
Solar Power ConverterModel
Synchronous Buck ConverterModel
Synchronous Buck Converter With Thermal DynamicsModel
Thermal Characteristics of a Synchronous Buck ConverterModel
Flyback ConverterModel
Parameterizing a TVS DiodeModel
Ultracapacitor With ConverterModel


ARINC 429 Communication LinkModel
Band-Pass Filter Using Three Mutually-Coupled InductorsModel
Class-E RF AmplifierModel
Diode Ring DemodulatorModel
LC Transmission Line and Test BridgeModel

Example Application Models

Automotive Electrical SystemModel
Kinetic Energy Recovery SystemModel
Hybrid Vehicle Electrical NetworkModel
Solar Power ConverterModel
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