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SimDriveline Examples

Vehicle Models

Vehicle With Automatic TransmissionModel
Vehicle With Manual TransmissionModel
Vehicle With Four-Wheel DriveModel
Vehicle With Dual Clutch TransmissionModel
Dual-Mode Hybrid TransmissionModel
Engine BrakingModel

Transmission Models

Simple TransmissionModel
CR-CR Four-Speed TransmissionModel
Ravigneaux Four-Speed TransmissionModel
Simpson Three-Speed TransmissionModel
Reversing TransmissionModel
Five-Speed TransmissionModel
Helicopter TransmissionModel

Hybrid Transmission Models

Power-Split Hybrid TransmissionModel
Parallel Hybrid TransmissionModel
Series Hybrid TransmissionModel
Dual-Mode Hybrid TransmissionModel

Clutch Models

Simple ClutchModel
Clutches With Manual Engage/DisengageModel
Hydraulically-Actuated Driveline ClutchModel

Gear Models

Simple GearModel
Variable GearModel
Gearbox Efficiency MeasurementModel
Simple Gear With BacklashModel
Epicyclic Gear Efficiency MeasurementModel
Custom Planetary GearModel
Torsen DifferentialModel
Clutch-Controlled Limited Slip DifferentialModel

Flexible Models

Flexible ShaftModel

Generic Mechanisms

Stepping Mechanism With LeadscrewModel
Stepping Mechanism With DetentsModel
Power Window SystemModel
Sheet Metal FeederModel
Hydromechanical HoistModel
Winch with BrakeModel
Suspension System ComparisonModel
Double Cardan JointModel
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