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Access the Linux Desktop Directly Using Desktop Computer Peripherals

You can access the Linux® desktop on the PandaBoard hardware using hardware peripherals such as a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

You can use this approach to connect the PandaBoard hardware to a wireless network, as described in Configure Wi-Fi on PandaBoard Hardware.

If you do not have hardware peripherals, you can access the Linux desktop as described in Access the Linux Desktop Remotely Using VNC.

To connect to the PandaBoard hardware to the hardware peripherals:

  1. Connect a computer monitor to the HDMI output, labelled P2 on the PandaBoard hardware.

  2. Connect the USB keyboard and USB mouse to the USB ports on the PandaBoard hardware.

      Note:   To connect additional USB devices, use a powered USB hub.

  3. You can connect computer speakers to the lower of the two 3.5 mm audio connectors, labelled J16 on the PandaBoard hardware.

  4. You can connect a network cable to the Ethernet port.

  5. Connect the PandaBoard hardware to the power supply.

  6. Log in to the Linux desktop using the username and password. The default user name and password is linaro.

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