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VRML Viewers

After you create a virtual world in VRML (as described in Build Virtual Reality Worlds), you can visualize that virtual world with a VRML viewer or VRML-enabled Web browser.

The Simulink® 3D Animation™ product includes several viewers.

  • Simulink 3D Animation Viewer (the default viewer)

  • Simulink 3D Animation Web Viewer

  • Orbisnap viewer

  • Blaxxun Contact® VRML plug-in

To determine which viewer to use, see Comparison of Viewers.

Host and Remote Viewing

You can view a virtual world on your host computer, with either the Simulink 3D Animation Viewer, Orbisnap, or a Web browser. For Web browser support, Simulink 3D Animation provides the Simulink 3D Animation Web Viewer, and the Blaxxun Contact VRML plug-in.

In most configurations, you do not need to install a viewer on a client computer because you can perform all the tasks on a host computer. However, if you have very large models that consume considerable computational resources, you might want to use a client computer to run and view the virtual world.

To view a virtual world on a client computer, which does not need to have Simulink 3D Animation installed, you can use the Web Viewer, Orbisnap, or Blaxxun Contact. For remote viewing, MathWorks® recommends that you use the Web Viewer or Orbisnap.


The Blaxxun Contact VRML plug-in is required for sound. Other Web viewers may allow for sound playback, but are not officially supported. To add sound to a virtual world, you can include the MATLAB® sound command in your model or in a MATLAB script.

Comparison of Viewers

FeatureSimulink 3D Animation ViewerSimulink 3D AnimationWeb ViewerOrbisnapBlaxxun Contact

Windows®, Macintosh, and Linux®

Windows, Macintosh, and Linux

Windows, Macintosh, and Linux


    Note:   The Blaxxun Contact plug-in does not work reliably on Microsoft® Windows 7 platforms.

Web browser 

HTML5-enabled Web browser


Internet Explorer or Netscape

InstallationInstalled with productHost interface installed with productSeparate installationSeparate installation
Simulink 3D Animation requiredX   
Remote viewing XXX
Viewpoint creationX   
Animation start/stopX Starts automatically 
Simulation start/stopX   
Sound   X
Stereoscopic viewing   X

Legacy Viewer

The Simulink 3D Animation product includes a legacy viewer, which is still supported for compatibility. In general, use the Simulink 3D Animation Viewer or other supported viewers instead of the legacy viewer. For information about the legacy viewer, see Legacy Simulink 3D Animation Viewer.

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