Simulink 3D Animation

Recording and Sharing Animations

Simulink 3D Animation enables you to record scene data and share your work.

Recording Scene Data

Simulink 3D Animation enables you to control frame snapshots (captures) of a virtual scene, or record animations into video files. You can save a frame snapshot of the current viewer scene as a TIFF or PNG file. You can schedule and configure recordings of animation data into AVI video files and VRML animation files for future playback.

You can use video and image processing techniques on frame snapshot and animation data. These approaches enable the development of control algorithms using a visual feedback loop through the link with a virtual reality environment instead of physical experimental setups.

Enabling Collaborative Environments

Simulink 3D Animation lets you view and interact with simulated virtual worlds on one machine that is running Simulink or on networked computers that are connected locally or via the Internet. In a collaborative work environment, you can view an animated virtual world on multiple client machines connected to a host server through TCP/IP protocol. When you work in an individual (nonnetworked) environment, your modeled system and the 3D visualization run on the same host.

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