Aerospace Blockset

Modeling and Visualizing Flight Dynamics

With Aerospace Blockset you can quickly construct the dynamics of your system, perform simulations, and understand system behavior under a variety of conditions.

The Equations of Motion library includes blocks for simulating three- and six-degrees-of-freedom equations of motion with fixed and variable mass. Coordinate representations of the equations of motion include body, wind, and Earth-centered Earth-fixed (ECEF). Fourth- and sixth-order point mass equations of motion provide simplified representations of vehicle dynamics for multiple body modeling.

The Flight Parameters library provides blocks for calculating common flight dynamics parameters: incidence, sideslip, airspeed, Mach number, dynamic pressure, relative ratios, equivalent airspeed, calibrated airspeed, wind angular rate vector, and, for a given geocentric latitude, planet radius.

The Aerodynamics library includes blocks for calculating aerodynamic forces and moments for a flight dynamics model. You can supply aerodynamic coefficients in body, stability, or wind axes, or you can import aerodynamic coefficients from the U.S. Air Force Digital Data Compendium (Datcom). You can also specify whether forces and moments will be calculated in body or wind axes.

The Animation library includes an interface to FlightGear flight simulator for visualizing vehicle flight dynamics in a sophisticated three-dimensional simulation framework. The FlightGear Preconfigured 6DoF Animation block lets you control position and attitude of a vehicle in FlightGear flight simulator using double-precision values of longitude, latitude, altitude, roll, pitch, and yaw from Simulink. For more detailed FlightGear animation you can combine the blocks Pack net_fdm Packet for FlightGear and Send net_fdm Packet to FlightGear to visualize effects, such as control surface motion, instrument interface readings, and landing gear operation.

As an alternative to visualizing in FlightGear flight simulator, you can use one of the MATLAB® Handle Graphics® blocks. The 3DoF Animation and 6DoF Animation blocks animate three-dimensional motion with three and six degrees of freedom, respectively. The MATLAB Animation block lets you specify the bounding box, camera offset, and field of view to visualize the three-dimensional position and attitude of one or more user-defined vehicle geometries. You can define geometries with MATLAB variables, .mat files, AC3D files, or custom formats. All animation library blocks support Simulink external mode execution for visualizing your rapid prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop applications.

Aerospace Blockset (bottom left) used with FlightGear flight simulator (top right) to fly the DeHavilland Beaver.
Aerospace Blockset (bottom left) used with Simulink 3D Animation (top right) to animate vehicle motion during a simulation of a satellite orbiting the Earth.

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