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Stream Processing in MATLAB and Simulink

Most communication systems handle streaming and frame-based data using a combination of temporal processing and simultaneous multifrequency and multichannel processing. This type of streaming multidimensional processing can be seen in advanced communication architectures such as OFDM and MIMO. Communications System Toolbox enables the simulation of advanced communications systems by supporting stream processing and frame-based simulation in MATLAB and Simulink.

In MATLAB, stream processing is enabled by System objects, which use MATLAB objects to represent time-based and data-driven algorithms, sources, and sinks. System objects implicitly manage many details of stream processing, such as data indexing, buffering, and management of algorithm state. You can mix System objects with standard MATLAB functions and operators. Most System objects have a corresponding Simulink block with the same capabilities.

Simulink handles stream processing implicitly by managing the flow of data through the blocks that make up a Simulink model. Simulink is an interactive graphical environment for modeling and simulating dynamic systems that uses hierarchical diagrams to represent a system model. It includes a library of general-purpose, predefined blocks to represent algorithms, sources, sinks, and system hierarchy.

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