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MOBIL Image Acquisition and Processing

Real-time toolbox for MATLAB and stand-alone programs


  • B/W and color frame-grabber interface for MATLAB
  • Real-time acquisition and display of images
  • Real-time transfer of images into MATLAB arrays
  • Fast image processing functions and GUI system
  • Hardware and software delivery
  • Toolbox for MATLAB and stand-alone programs


MOBIL Image Acquisition and Processing_image
Enlarge Snapped live image of nuts and shells with calculated HIS-histogram

<>The MOBIL toolbox operates with MATLAB and can be included in stand-alone programs created by the MATLAB Compiler. The toolbox combines MATLAB with the real-time image acquisition of a frame-grabber for processing camera images. Operation is carried out with a GUI into which camera images are displayed as still or as live video. A MEX-DLL places function calls for initializing the frame-grabber, changing camera parameters, acquiring and displaying of live images, and transferring images into MATLAB arrays. Further image processing functions are included in the toolbox as fast MEX-DLL's.

MOBIL was developed for applications and users working with live camera images. The frame-grabber hardware and the toolbox with fast DLL's enables real-time image acquisition and processing to be done with MATLAB. MOBIL is delivered for use with MATLAB only, or for use with MATLAB and the MATLAB Compiler to generate stand-alone programs. Functions of the Image Processing Toolbox can optionally be included in a user application program called from the MOBIL GUI.



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