Image Processing Toolbox

Image Segmentation

Image segmentation algorithms determine region boundaries in an image. You can explore many different approaches to image segmentation, including progressive methods, automatic thresholding, edge-based methods, and morphology-based methods such as the watershed transform that is often used to segment connected objects.

Color-Based Segmentation with Live Image Acquisition 5:11
Acquire an image and perform image analysis to find small objects, count them, and differentiate them by color.

Edge Detection

Edge-detection algorithms let you identify object boundaries in an image.  These algorithms include the Sobel, Prewitt, Roberts, Canny, and Laplacian of Gaussian methods. The Canny method can detect true weak edges without being fooled by noise.

Morphological Operators

Morphological operators enable you to detect edges, segment an image into regions, or perform skeletonization on regions. Morphological functions in Image Processing Toolbox include:

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