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A web map is an interactive, dynamic map display that uses basemaps from Web-based data sources to give your data a visually rich contextual background. With Mapping Toolbox, you can create web map displays from sources such as OpenStreetMap, ESRI ArcGIS Online, MapQuest, and many WMS servers. You can pan across the map, zoom in/out to view higher/lower resolution basemap data, specify the geographic region to view, and more. You can create overlays of markers and lines with related attribute data such as names and colors. Web map displays enable simple map creation using high resolution base maps without having to load the entire dataset into MATLAB.

Web map display using Blue Marble WMS Layer.
Web map display using Blue Marble WMS Layer. Data courtesy of NASA-JPL/Caltech.

Access Web Map Service (WMS) Servers

With Mapping Toolbox, you can locate and download map data as image tiles from WMS servers. Many government and commercial organizations, such as NASA, ESA, USGS, NOAA, ESRI, and Microsoft adhere to the WMS protocol for rendering, reprojecting, and serving georeferenced data sets over the Internet. Mapping Toolbox enables you to access elevation, oceanography, weather, satellite imagery, and many other raster data sets in MATLAB.

To assist with identifying WMS data layers that are appropriate to your application, the toolbox provides a prequalified database of WMS servers and layers that enables you to search for an appropriate data set by layer name, server name, location, or other terms. The toolbox provides functions and classes that enable you to define a custom map request and retrieve a map directly into MATLAB for processing.

Collapse of the Larsen Ice Shelf, Antarctica, over a 3-month period.
Collapse of the Larsen Ice Shelf, Antarctica, over a 3-month period. Original coastline segmented using Image Processing Toolbox. Images courtesy of NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio.
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