Simulink Control Design

Control System Design and Analysis in Simulink

Simulink Control Design provides a graphical interface  for tuning control loops directly in Simulink, using the graphical and automated tuning capabilities of Control System Toolbox™. You can use any control architecture that you build in Simulink that is linearizable. Tunable Simulink blocks include Gain, Transfer Function, Zero-Pole, State-Space, and PID Controller. Simulink Control Design automatically identifies the relevant control loops for the tuned blocks and launches a preconfigured session of the Control System Designer app.

Designing a Controller: Wheel Loader 9:09
Design a compensator (PID, etc.) to control a mechatronic system. Use linear control theory to design a control system.

You can use the Control System Designer app to:

  • Graphically tune multiple, continuous, or discrete SISO loops
  • Observe loop interactions and coupling effects while tuning parameters
  • Compute compensator designs using systematic design algorithms such as the proprietary Robust Response Time PID tuning, Ziegler-Nichols PID tuning, IMC design, or LQG design
  • Optimize the control loops to meet time-domain and frequency-domain design requirements (requires Simulink Design Optimization)
  • Directly tune Simulink block parameters, including PID gains, zero-pole-gain representations, and masked blocks
  • Examine the closed-loop response such as a reference trajectory or the ability of a control system to reject a disturbance at any portion of a model
  • Write the tuned parameter values back to your Simulink model for verification with the full nonlinear system
Optimizing a multiloop control system to simultaneously meet frequency-domain and time-domain requirements.
Optimizing a multiloop control system to simultaneously meet frequency-domain requirements (left) and time-domain requirements (right). The controller parameters to be optimized are specified in the graphical interface (top).

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