MATLAB and Simulink Integration

Simscape provides expanded capabilities for modeling physical systems. You can create your physical plant model using physical connections and connect it directly to your control model built using signal flows in Simulink. Simscape models can also be connected directly to other MathWorks application- and domain-specific physical modeling tools, enabling you to model complex interactions in multidomain physical systems.

Integrating Physical Systems and Controller 5:49
Detect system integration issues in simulation. Mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and control systems are gradually integrated into a full system model.

You can use MATLAB to parameterize your model, automate simulation tests, analyze output data, and optimize system performance. As a result, you can test your entire system (multidomain physical plant and controller) within the MATLAB and Simulink environment.

Simscape - rectifier
Simscape model (top) representing a full-wave bridge rectifier that converts 120 volts AC to 12 volts DC. This model can be used to size the capacitor for a specific load. The graph (bottom) shows the ripple on the DC voltage.

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