Simulink PLC Coder

Code Test and Verification

Simulink PLC Coder inserts comments and user-specified block descriptions in the Structured Text so that you can trace text back to the model. Built-in identifier naming control lets you create unique identifiers that preserve object names and signal names in the model. These capabilities help you conduct more efficient code reviews and document how the model was implemented.

Simulink PLC Coder can simulate the model prior to Structured Text generation and package the results into a test harness that is generated with the algorithm code. The test harness serves to verify that model simulation behavior and Structured Text execution results match within an acceptable tolerance. You can then execute the test and analyze the results using your IDE or PLC device.

Example of well-commented structured text.
Example of well-commented Structured Text. Simulink PLC Coder can be configured to include high levels of commenting that enhance readability and traceability.

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