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MathWorks Consulting Services is staffed with industry veterans who have developed and tested real-world systems using Model-Based Design at major automotive companies. Our Consultants understand the nuances of organizational change, best practices for adopting Model-Based Design, and the full potential of MATLAB and Simulink. Whether you wish to assess and evolve your development processes or seek to establish a Model-Based Design methodology from the ground up, MathWorks Consultants use their expertise to guide and accelerate your transition.

Automotive engineers are expected to shrink development cycles while continuing to satisfy market demands for improved safety, comfort, fuel economy, and vehicle performance. To meet these challenges, leading engineering organizations use advanced Model-Based Design methodologies. MathWorks Consultants bring industry background, Model-Based Design expertise, and mastery of MATLAB and Simulink to your design challenges.

Our services focus on two key areas in the automotive industry:

Model-Based Design

Under pressure to reduce development costs, shorten time schedules, and meet new government fuel economy and emissions regulations, the benefits of simulation before prototyping are significant. MathWorks Consulting Services will lead you through the deployment of an advanced Model-Based Design process tailored to your organizational constraints and your vehicle system. From requirements modeling to rapid prototyping, code generation, and validation and verification, our Consultants help you dramatically increase productivity.

Application Development

MathWorks Consultants work with you to develop applications that automate development processes, vehicle based design optimization, data acquisition, visualization, and analysis. These custom applications and their intuitive interfaces enable your engineering teams to readily explore and manipulate large amounts of data and results.

With knowledge transfer and self-sufficiency as the end goal of every project, MathWorks Consultants function as part of your development team.

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Meet Our Team

Tom Egel, a principal technical consultant, has over 25 years’ experience with modeling and simulation of physical systems.


Courses are available in MATLAB, Simulink, and other products.

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Larry Kendrick

Larry Kendrick has over 30 years’ experience in the automotive and commercial vehicle industries developing diesel engine controls, powertrain controls, and hydraulic implement controls. Larry works with companies in the aerospace, defense, and automotive industries on a wide range of applications to implement Model-Based Design and improve related development processes. Larry is a senior principal technical consultant at MathWorks and a Life Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. He received his B.S.E.E. and M.S.E.E. from Auburn University, and his Ph.D. in control systems from University of Arizona. He holds 13 U.S. patents.

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